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 after consulting with Weer'd on this, we've decided to open this up to all our listeners so that all of you can hear our analysis of the goings-on at NRAAM. Also, if you're not an Ultimate Access subscriber you might not know what a Mag Dump is like. Here's a free taste so you can decide if you want to up your pledge!

But be warned, Mag Dumps are NOT safe for work! We are unscripted and uncensored, so make sure you're listening in a location where f-bombs won't cause distress!


Last Week we recorded Episode 50 on the first day of the NRA Annual Meeting, and as you might have heard, this year's meeting was very interesting.  Join Weer'd, Oddball, and Erin as they discuss what they saw, what they think is going on, and of course whatever else comes to mind in this After-Action Report Mag Dump

Show Notes:

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