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Hello Internet this is Episode 004 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast

This week Erin and I talk taxes (and how you can donate to Operation Blazing Sword to keep from giving the Government your hard-earned money)

UK and their foolish Knife bans and the broader implication that has for the both the citizens and the world.

We get to hear Connie talking about John Bolton's appointment as National Security Adviser.

Savage1R steps back the technical talk on Cryptocurrencies and dives into the philosophy of why cryptocurrencies are important and why we should all care.

Weer'd Fisks part 2 of Shannon Watts on the 1A Podcast where she focuses on armed teachers to deter school shootings.

Steve tells another story from the life of a Private Investigator where HE was the subject of an investigation. 

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Links: London Knife Ban

UK Knife laws: Welcome to the Police State

1a Five Years after Sandy Hook

FBI Study on Mass Shootings (PDF)


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