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  • Erin and Weer’d discuss a busy week in the news:
    • The Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the ATF when it comes to "ghost guns";
    • The FBI Director doesn't acknowledge that the Second Amendment exists;
    • A New York City Councilwoman is arrested for carrying a gun at a protest;
    • NYC's gun laws didn't stop a teenage fare-dodger from carrying a gun onto the subway;
    • The Albuquergue gun store which confiscated a customer's legal Polymer80 pistol has been raided by the BATFE for illegal gun sales;
    • Pro-gun states have "troubling" habits in an alleged study;
    • New York is calling for background checks with 3D printers, because of guns;
    • and Massachusetts tries once again to pass its "Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act".
  • Finally, David talks about range ammunition vs target ammunition, and which one you shouldn't reload.

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