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In Episode 007 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast:

Erin and Weer'd discuss the optics of Oliver North as the new NRA President

Savage discusses ways to get your cryptocurrencies to start making money for you.

In Washington in Plain English, Connie discusses the news that the FBI was indeed spying on the Trump Campaign.

Weer'd fisks part one of the Brady Campaign video "Gun Violence 101"

And in Tales from the Trunk Steven talks about how one deals with the basic biological necessities when stuck in your car on surveillance.

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Hello Internet, this is Episode 007 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast


This Week Erin and Weer'd discuss their return from the NRA Annual Meeting,  the aftermath of the protests there,  and flying with firearms.

Savage discusses how to manage your Cryptocurrencies and some of the hazards to be wary of.

Weer'd Fisks a video that claims that the founding fathers were actually pro gun control.

Steven talks about a few tactics that Private private investigators can use to crack a cold case,  one very glamorous, the other....

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Hello Internet!

Episode 006 is recorded on location in Dallas for the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting,  so pardon the different sound quality.

This week Erin and Weer'd both recount their stories from the show.

People we met,  events we attended, and guns and gear we saw.

 And Connie  recaps the week in politics in Washington in Plain English including the peace talks with North Korea.


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Hello Internet!

In  Episode 5 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast


  • Erin and Weer'd Talk about the NRA and their Diversity Outreach 
  • They also discuss the first anti-gun law passed in the state of Vermont
  • Connie Talks about how many of the various cabinet level positions have not been staffed and why that is a bad thing.
  • Weer'd Fisks the Facebook Viral Video where a man "Destroys" his AR-15 in possibly the worst way
  • Steve talks about some of the perils that befalls a private detective when they have to sit in their car for hours when on surveillance.
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